For more than 40 years, we offer our customers turnkey solutions for their wiring needs. Our expertise covers the feasibility to the installation.

Our highly skilled and experienced cable fitters offer high quality services as required by the specific needs of our customer base. Our customers value the quality of the services provided in terms of achievement, of cost management as well as deadline compliance.

We proceed to the installation of the wiring in a structured and secure way. Our know-how guarantees our customers a service of excellence.

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Over time, SADITEC NC has developed its skills and has also acquired new competencies. Our company is certified ISO 9001 version 2015.

We are able to guarantee, in house and externally, a reliable and controlled management strategy.

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  • Recognition: Our management model is validated and certified by an audit.
  • Involvement: We are committed to setting up a quality management system, our staff is involved in our organization.
  • Strategy: We strengthen our position on the market and develop our bonds of trust with our customers, our suppliers and other service providers.

To ensure high quality services to our customers, our operators are certified IPC 610 and IPC 620.

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  • TheIPC-A- 610 illustrates the practical realization criteria accepted by the industry for electronic board assemblies, through detailed points reflecting acceptable and reject conditions with color illustrations and photos.
  • TheIPC/WHMA-A-620 is based on the requirements and acceptance criteria of the assembly of wires and cables harnesses.

As part of continuous improvement and in order to offer the best services to our customers, we are undergoing ISO 14001 certification. Respecting a logic of sustainable development, ISO 14001 sets the principles of an Environmental Management System that includes the need for the company to establish an environmental policy to anticipate and limit its impact.

Tests & Controls

In order to supply a quality product matching the needs of our customers, all our manufactured products are subject to a conformity check.

Throughout the manufacturing process, various checks and functional tests are run to guarantee the functionality and reliability of our products and services.

Here are a few examples:

  • Supply control
  • Component tests on demand (secure applications)
  • Intermediate controls during manufacturing, according to the complexity
  • Technological control at the end of production
  • Dedicated test programs developed on demand

Postes de tests et contrôles SADITEC


We carry out 2 types of services:

  • Design office services
    • Thanks to our integrated design office, we carry out a multitude of services in house.

      We develop the studies, the files and data sheets and also the prototypes of our products. The design and development of the test bench and models, and all the testing are done by our own care for our customers.

      To ensure a continuous monitoring of the product, we take care of the troubleshooting and also of the maintenance of the materials.

      SADITEC NC has an efficient IT infrastructure (CAD work stations, high performance servers) and all the software necessary for a full development process whether in electronics, instrumentation or mechanics.

      Machines de production SADITEC
      Machines de production SADITEC

  • On site services
    • To support you in achieving your electronic systems, our qualified team, strong of an expertise of more than 40 years, will provide the following on site services : cabling and wiring, assemblies or management and assistance.

      Maintenance and troubleshooting are also part of our skills, the goal being to support the product from the beginning to the end and to address, in the best way, the expectations of our customers.

      Eager to offer a full service to our customers, we make every effort to assist you in your projects.

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